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 5 Water Reliability Studies with hydraulic modeling

 5 SAW Grant Applications

 Street Improvements through MDOT design and letting system

 Street Improvements not through MDOT

 10,000 gallon per day on site sewage disposal system for a private client

 10,000 gallon per day water supply system including aquifer analysis, potable water storage and booster pumping

 Village of Minden City - Water Treatment Plant

 Village of Minden City - Water Main Replacement

 City of Sandusky Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements, funded through Rural Development

 City of Sandusky Arsenic/Iron Water Treatment Plant

 City of Sandusky Raw Water Main for Treatment Plant

 City of Sandusky Various Tasks Rate Study, Capital Charge

 Review, NPDES Permitting, Industrial Pretreatment Program assistance, Aquifer Testing, Smoke Testing

 Village of Minden City Arsenic Treatment, Aquifer Testing and RD Funding assistance

 Village of Minden City 2006 Water Main replacement

 Lagoon Liner Repair

 4.5 mile watermain project crossing the Flint River

 Hoist project at a Water Treatment Plant for removal of pumps

 Sidewalk replacement projects

 City of Marlette Water Tower Recoating

 City of Sandusky Water Tower Recoating

 MILES of water main design in rural and urban settings

 Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing assistance in Sandusky and Marlette

 Membrane water treatment plant in Saganing

 MBR wastewater treatment plant in Saganing